Monday, May 4, 2009

Once Upon A Cough

Once Upon A Cough
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I had some time lately to go back and spruce up a piece that wasn't quite working for me.

Had to advertise something without showing it. I chose children's medicine. While it may taste like a poison
apple, the results are a happy ending.

Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Queen Ego
Originally uploaded by RNSaffold

"Queen Ego" Another revamped piece. It's so nice to have time for personal work again!

She clung to him, as she always did around the queen. It was the way those fishes moved that always made
her uneasy, but it didn't bother him at all. He stared in wonder as Queen Ego crooned happily. They had
brought her the key she had been looking for.

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Manda Tarr said...

The re-worked pieces look great! I really like the background that you put in the "Queen Ego" piece! It really compliments the design and balances everything out. One tiny suggestion: It might be helpful to the piece to try making the orange goldfish dress a bit more saturated. Not a lot more, but If the dress were just a tiny bit more orange, it might have a nice effect :)

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