Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sally Brown

Sally Brown
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"Sally Brown sits down, by his piano
He doesn't see her there
He plays his heart out

She's mesmerized, by his concentration
Closes her eyes and tries to see what he sees

This is love, oh yes, at it's finest
This is love, how it needs to be

And its enough to break through the shyness

She knows it'd be love if he'd hold her
She can't stop thinking about Schroeder."

-No More Kings "About Schroeder"

Awesome band! Awesome song! Helped me kinda break through this mini creative block I've been having. Thanks
to Wenchums who looked at the piece, got excited and introduced me to a fantastic band.

I'm getting you a present for your birthday, and you already know what it is.

I went back and foodled with this piece since I wasn't yet satisfied. I just needed some time to think of
something. Thanks to Manda for the pattern suggestion.

8.5" x 11" Adobe Illustrator CS2.


Manda Tarr said...

Looks great! I like what you did with the background to :) Is it the actual sheet music for the song to???

RNS said...

No, I couldn't find it. I actually got really picky with the sheet music, this was something random, but it gave the visual look I wanted.

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