Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild Thing

Wild Thing
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Since Reed Bond and Jordie Bellaire are doing 'Where the Wild Things Are' illustrations for
terribleyelloweyes.com, I figured I should too. I always thought it was interesting that Max's
mother was never shown, so I decided to draw her. Without her, Max would have never been
forced to go to his room and sail for a year and a day...

Adobe Illustrator CS2.

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C. Batista said...

First off, very clever use of the silhouette of a wild thing for a speech bubble of sorts. I didn't notice the arms or horns initially, but after a second of looking at the image, it popped out and surprised me, very cute touch.

The way you've rendered the characters makes me think of a combination of Alex Toth's balance of comic-book realism and Gennedy Tartakovsky's cartoonist cubist-like simplicity.

The colors remind me of the 80's or early 90's for some reason, I can't quite explain it. I would imagine that this could've been advertising art for a nostalgic Saturday-morning cartoon. :3

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