Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boy and Fox

Boy and Fox
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I wish it felt more like Halloween/Autumn here in Florida. It's been way to hot and humid! We had a cold front
last week, which was a major tease.

Adobe Illustrator CS2.


Anonymous said...

I like this one lots!
Careful of the hue differential between the log and the background - maybe a slightly lighter value on the log?

S Y L V I A P A R K said...

Hi Rachel,

I love this piece!
The boy and the fox are very cute/playful, and I love that you're showing a peek of the neighborhood in the brown background. The colors on this illustration are so nice, and I think the rounded-edges of the frame work out really well in this one.

Victoria said...

I love his bit of tummy showing, what a kid, he doesn't care how he looks just as long as hes rolling in dirt and exploring and having fun! you really caught his character.

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