Friday, April 2, 2010

In Which Abdullah is Mistaken for a Young Lady

In Which Abdullah is Mistaken for a Young Lady
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"Tell me your name first,' said Abdullah.
'It's a rather silly name,' she said nervously. 'I'm called Flower-in-the-Night.'
It was a perfect name for the girl of his dreams, Abdullah thought. He gazed down at her admiringly. 'My name
is Abdullah,' he said.
'They even gave you a man's name!' Flower-in-the-Night exclaimed indignantly. 'Do sit down and tell me.'
Abdullah sat on the marble curb beside her and thought this was a very real dream. The stone was cold.
Splashes from the fountain soaked into his nightshirt, while the sweet smell of rose water from
Flower-in-the-Night mingled most realistically with scents from the flowers in the garden. But since it was a
dream, it followed that his daydreams were true here, too. So Abdullah told her all about the palace that he
had lived in as a prince and how he was kidnapped by Kabul Aqba and escaped into the desert, where the
carpet merchant found him."

-Diana Wynne Jones, Castle in the Air

Adobe Illustrator CS2.

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