Thursday, December 11, 2008

Golden Compass

Golden Compass
Originally uploaded by RNSaffold

Book Cover. The sketch was much more complicated, but once I took it into Illustrator I cleaned it up and
simplified. My favorite book series. 6" x 9" in Abode Illustrator CS2/3.


Jordie said...

Oh my goodness, i always catch your work right after you update. I swear, I'm not stalking your blog.

Great piece again! You like went from being totally great to super kickass in all elements and composition.
I super dig this, and that sweater pretty much rules my life. I love the gold sinking upward towards the text. Monstrously successful.

Hurry up and disappoint me sometime, jeebus.

Jordie said...

Oh yeah, and your handwritten illustrator-ed font looks really great. Compliments it all. The text/overall palette reminds me something out of Wes Anderson flicks for some reason.

Illustrations and more!