Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some of my Favourite Songs to Work To :)

Because it's late and I am working.

Over Our Heads by Jon Brion (I Heart Huckabees Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Two Hearts Not Captured, Towards the Gate by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy 9 Piano Collection)

Main Title by James Newton Howard (Peter Pan Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Legendary Theme by COIL/KOEI (Gitarooman)

The Nurse Who Loved Me by A Perfect Circle (Thirteenth Step)

Quidam (Cirque de Soleil: Quidam)

My Freeze Ray sung by Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog)

People Are Strange by The Doors

Natsu no Owari by Tenmon (Beyond the Clouds, The Place Promised in Our Early Days OST)

Sky Stroll by Joe Hisaishi (Howl's Moving Castle Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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