Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Castle

The Castle
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"Sometimes it was a tall black smudge on the moors to the northwest, sometimes it reared above the rocks to
the east, and sometimes it came right downhill to sit in the heather only just beyond the last farm to the
north. You could see it actually moving sometimes, with smoke pouring out from the turrets in dirty gray gusts.
For a while everyone was certain it would come down into the valley before long, and the Mayor talked of
sending to the King for help."

-Dianna Wynne Jones from "Howl's Moving Castle"

Adobe Illustrator CS3

Happy New Years, everyone! :)

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Jordie said...

I never commented on this and for that I apologize because this is EXCELLENT. I love that you're constantly educating yourself and applying all your new tricks in every recent piece as they dive into your head. You're a machine and congrats on your DA achievement gold as well.

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